Vickers Valiant

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Vickers Valiant B2

Vickers Valiant

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Anyone remember the Vickers Valiant V bomber?

the forgotten aircraft that dropped the test bombs on Christmas Island late 50's?


I remember it well as I was in the RAF for twelve years.

The Valiant was the first of the the three V bombers, Valiant, Victor and Vulcan.

It was the first to drop a nuclear bomb, the first to see action, during the Suez crisis.

It was also the first to leave service because of the advances of Russian bombers.

It first came into service at RAF Gaydon, it could cary one nuclear bomb or twent one 1,000lb bombs, work as a tanker or photo reconnaissance aircraft.

A good link is the one under my source which covers it's life in the Christmas Islands.