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Austrian Airlines

Lots Of Austrian Travellers Had A Narrow Escape As Their Coach Crashed On A Highway In Croatia

Many Austrian pilgrims had a narrow escape as their coach crashed on a motorway in Croatia.
Local police announced today (Thursday) that no one was hurt when the auto plowed into a fence erected alongside a motorway near Sestanovac yesterday.

Officers informed the Croatian Times online newspaper that the group "consisting of 47 Austrians "were travelling to Medjugorje in Bosnia and Herzegovina, an internationally famous pilgrimage site due to reports of apparitions of the Virgin Mary to followers 30 years ago.

The group are accepted to have continued their journey in a replacement coach. Meanwhile, traffic police in the western Austrian province of Vorarlberg are examining after the driver of a caravan sped off after causing a pile-up in a tunnel on the A14 Rhine Valley motorway.

The auto registered in Switzerland stopped for misleading reasons in the middle of the Amberg tunnel. An Austrian motorist didn't stop in time. The person was not hurt when he bumped into the rear end of the white caravan which drove on after the incident, writes

The name Medjugorje means the area between two mountains. Medjugorje is one of the villages of the Herzegovina municipality of Citluk or you can say of historic Brotnjo.The territory of Medjugorje has a mild Mediterranean climate and spreads out at the altitude of 150 meters above sea level.

The parish of Medjugorje was founded in 1892 and also put under the protection of St. James, patron of pilgrims. 5 years later, the old parish church of St. James in Medjugorje was completed. The church was completed and blessed on 19.1.1969. So there was a beautiful church which attracted no attention, not even from the people of the closest environment. The tale of Medjugorje started in the summer of 1981.

It is well known all over the world, because of six younger people who insist to have seen visions of our Lady.

Beginning on June twenty-four, 1981, the Madonna seemed to, and later informed the visionaries God sent her with messages for the world to help us convert our hearts and lives back to Him. Our Lady's mission is one of love,peace and religion. She told them that these years she's spending with us are a time of Grace granted by God.

Her words has been: I have come to tell the world that God exists. He's the fullness of life, and to take pleasure in this fullness and peace, you should return to God.

The place of Our Lady's first apparitions on the hill of Crnica is generally called Apparition Hill. It is situated a couple of hundred meters above the Bijakovo hamlet of Podbrdo in Medjugorje. A steep footpath leads from the homes to the place of the apparitions. Now barely widened by the many millions of pilgrims who have so far visited the place of the first apparitions, the path has become visible from as far away as St. James.

Many pilgrims, lots of whom were born and raised on flat asphalt, frequently in not suitable clothing or maybe shoeless, and on their knees, climbed over the sharpened stones to the place of Our Lady's first apparitions. Half way up the trail is found a massive plain wooden cross. This is where on the 3rd day of the apparitions, June 26, 1981, Our Woman seemed to the visionary Marija Pavlovic who, after having had a vision with the others at the usual place that evening, ran down the hill a little before the other visionaries. At this place Marija once more saw Our Lady, now with a sad face.

Only something actually unusual could have attracted such a great diversity of folks to that place. At any time of night or day, any day of the year, individuals and groups can be found in prayer, in song, in deep meditation, and silence.
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