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Herpa 503419 EVA AIR Evergreen Group McDonnell Douglas MD 11 1500 Scale B 16101

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Rachel Maddow Slams Newt by Comparing Him to 'Google Santorum' Smear (News busters)

With the usual self-satisfied smirk, as she karate-chopped the air in front of
the word "SHAMPAIGN," MSNBC host Rachel Maddow mocked the idea of a Newt
Gingrich surge by picking up on her fellow gay activist Dan Savage's smear of
Rick Santorum: the one which insures that a Google search of Santorum leads to
Savage's comparison of the religious conservative to semen and fecal matter.
Don't ever let them tell you MSNBC is classy.

"They've gone through this with Donald Trump now and Michele Bachmann, and
Rick Perry, and Herman Cain. We sort of expect them to do this with everybody
in the field -- I mean, except for Rick Santorum. Nobody's going to vote for
Rick Santorum, come on," Maddow sneered. "But the idea of a Newt Gingrich
surge is almost as absurd as people - uh, you know, Googling Rick Santorum and
saying, 'I like what I found here, I`m going to vote for this guy.'" Then came
the Springtime for Hitler references.

Maddow turned to Steve Kornacki of the leftist website Salon and he compared
the Gingrich campaign to the Mel Brooks satire The Producers:

MADDOW: How do you think Newt Gingrich ...

News busters