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Garuda Indonesia

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Opportunity Umrah and Hajj Cost Plus Without Constraints   by Irham Farid Hidayat

If you have a desire for umrah or hajj pilgrimage plus, but still confused to choose the umrah and hajj travel agent plus, or cost constrained, PT. Arminareka Perdana offers a program that you should consider. In addition to the down payment and mortgage system that is light, you will also get insurance and supporting equipment, even the PT. Arminareka Perdana offers the opportunity for entrepreneurship. Prospective pilgrims who had registered at the PT. Arminareka Perdana, biased earn additional income. What are the conditions?

As a travel agency that has been aged 20 years, PT. Prime Arminareka have eaten sour salt in Carrying Umrah and Hajj Travel Plus. That proved to PT. Arminareka Perdana exist until now. Since the last two years, as the presence of the Division of Marketing, PT. Arminareka Perdana increasingly expanded its business. Evidently, according to a survey in 2009 by PT. Garuda Indonesia, from 144 Umrah and Hajj Travel Agents, PT. Arminareka Perdana entered into two major Umrah and Hajj Organizer Plus most, namely 1.6 million pilgrims. Even in 2010 has become the first as the Operator Umrah and Hajj Plus most.

PT. Arminareka Perdana different from Hajj and Umrah Travel another. In addition to advances relatively cheap, at $. Worship 3.5 million for Umrah and Rp. 5 million for Hajj Plus, the congregation can repay at least Rp. 500 thousand per month and without multiples. And that's not necessarily every month installments, just as much as pilgrims until everything is paid off. Jamaat does not have to worry about the deadline for payment, and cash payments can be taken anytime. If a travel agency in another 1-2 years if not repaid, the money burned his face certain bias.

Proof of payment or Umrah DP Rp. 3.5 million can be replaced in the form of vouchers worth 350 USD and DP Haji Plus was replaced in the form of vouchers worth 500 USD. The advantages of the voucher than as a deduction from the cost of departure, these vouchers can be donated, bequeathed even be sold. In addition, another advantage gained is that although the new DP 3.5 million to 5 million for Umrah and Hajj Plus, pilgrims are directly covered Accident Insurance of Sharia Megalife forever, ID Card plus Legality, souvenirs from PT. Baju Koko Arminareka prime form and Mukena, and Business Rights of Jamaat. The right business that makes PT. Arminareka Perdana different from Umrah and Hajj travel agents plus others. And this also makes pilgrims interested in joining us.

Not only that, within two weeks on Saturdays, we are held recitals, lectures, presentations and pre rituals for pilgrims who had registered or not registered in Building Salemba. The events are conducted to establish and develop business ties in the business of Hajj and Umrah Travel.

Realize your intention for Umrah or Hajj without cost constraints even FREE! Join us and visit travel haji umroh in Umrah Hajj, one of the official agent of PT. Arminareka Perdana.

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Realize your intention for Umrah or Hajj without cost constraints even FREE! Join us and visit travel haji umroh in Umrah Hajj, one of the official agent of PT. Arminareka Perdana

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How often do people cancel flights? Garuda Indonesia, particularly. Average per flight?

I'm on standby for a flight I really need to get on.

What's the likelyhood of me getting there on the flight?


Give it your best shot. If it's out of Jakarta or a foreign city, you should be OK.

This happened to me some years ago and at the counter I was told if I upgraded my ticket I could get a seat. When I got on it was only about 40% full. But others that did not pay were not allowed on.

Good Luck!