Mustang Big

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Mustang Big

1987 ford mustang big block

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Are older/classic mustangs bigger than more modern ones?

I have a 2003 mustang but want a 1967. Would the 1967 mustang be much bigger or longer than my current one?


I think 1967 would be about the same size.
I think the 1973 was the largest version, before it got downsized into the Mustang II, based on the Pinto body.
From 1979 to 1993 it was also a fairly large car, during its 3rd generation.
The current 5th generation has increased again somewhat.
But it is hard to say.
It looks like the hood is slightly shorter now, but the trunk slightly longer.
I would bet the current one is slightly heavier, since the 1967 model was a little light, being based on the Falcon.