Crusier Uss

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Where is the Crusier USS Des Monies?? CA 139?

The Des Monies has been a long time resident here at the Phila mothball fleet. Some 30 years, however, while passing by on I-95 I could not see the familar 8" gun crusier?? Where is she? I know the basin has added some new stuff lately like the Aegis CG's and the tenders such? Whats up?
Scraped!! GOD how narrow minded.... i'll miss her.......... :-(


The second Des Moines (CA-134) was a heavy cruiser in service from 1948 to 1961. She is being scrapped in Brownsville Texas after an unsuccessful attempt to turn her into a museum in Milwaukee.

USS Biddle DLG 34 Guided Missile Frigate Crusier Navy

Crusier Uss

Rose Parade, Sam Adams and Followers, Portland, Oregon, Navy Missile Cruiser USS Lake Champlain

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